What we teach ?

WordPress Basics, Joomla Basics, Drupal Trainin,g Woo Commerce for WordPress, Shopify ( Ecommerce ), Square Space, HTML Basics, CSS Basics, PHP Basics, Google Drive, Google Docs, Landing Pages, Facebook setup, Instagram, Pinterest

Why our workshops are popular with beginners.

We teach technology to beginners in an easy to understand manner. Our web experts will teach you how to understand and talk geek speak like SQL, database, javascript, IP address. etc. Learning these terminologies helps you become a better communicator with your developer or IT people. Or to people in the tech industry.

Technology is constantly changing. You need to keep up.

Technology is essential to every business. If you want to compete in today's business world you need to keep abreast of emerging technologies like cloud servers , responsive web design, social media.. mobile apps etc.

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Google Apps are one of the best communication tools for business. Register now for a workshop at various locations in the US or learn it online with us.

Google dominates the business world, especially when it comes to communication tools for business. Finding the right tool that can do it all can be hard, but not with Google. Working from home is no longer a problem. Anyone can work from home and stay connected with their team, any time of the day from any location. Never worry again about forgetting a document or leaving a flash drive at home... Google has thought of it all..Learn these essential tools in our 3-5. Google Docs Google Slides Google Hangouts Skype Slack hour crash courses.

Create your own website with these most popular CMS

Stay up to date on the latest technologies for web design. Understand how HTML5 & CSS works. Learn the basics of Javascript and PHP to develop and maintain websites that are optimized and mobile responsive. With our web design crash courses and bootcamps you wil gain the necessary skills for building sites from scratch. Please email us at webdesigner2go@gmail.com if you have any questions.
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WordPress CMS

Most popular CMS program
WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system. It started out as a platform exclusively for blogging, but has grown and advanced significantly over the years. Today, over 40% of sites using CMS’s are using WordPress.
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Joomla CMS

Second most popular CMS
Joomla is often thought of as the compromise between WordPress and Drupal. It is a powerful content management system, which can run smoothly on most web servers without any problems. It doesn’t require the same level of technical experience to run as Drupal, but it still offers many of the extra features. Like Drupal and WordPress, Joomla does have a lot of plug-ins and themes available to choose from, so you can customize your site to look and function in any way you desire.
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Drupal CMS

Most secure CMS software for sites
he Drupal platform is extremely powerful, and is less resource intensive than that of WordPress. Drupal can be set up for anything from a simple blog to a content portal used by large corporations.
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Learn Woo-Commerce, Squarespace, Magento
We offer One- Two Day Crash Course in E-commerce Web Development


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