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Master the most popular Content Management Systems today.
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WordPress Basics
Joomla Basics
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Woo Commerce for WordPress
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Shopify ( Ecommerce )
Square Space

We offer 4-5 hour Crash Courses in these popular programs

Tools for communication

Learn how technology works and what it should be used for. The internet was created to foster better communications between human beings at great distances. Today, we lived in a virtual world. Most startup employees work thousands of miles aparts and even office employees are allowed to work at home. Below are some of the most popular tools for collaboration in the Internet Canyon.

Google Docs
Google Slides
Google Hangouts

Learn these essential tools in our 3-5 hour crash courses.
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Social Media Workshops

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This half day social media workshop will take students through the best ways to utilise social media through an actionable strategy using storytelling, engaging content generation and social media monitoring.Through a series of practical, hands-on exercises, students will learn tools to create actionable social media content, track media performance, create an ongoing dialogue with consumers, and collect insights to influence product development and marketing strategies.

In our 4-5 hour workshops, you will learn how to create a Facebook Page, a Facebook Fan Page, an Instagram site, a Google Plus, and a Twitter Site.

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Learn Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, E-Commerce, HTML, CSS, PHP, SEO Techniques. We offer 5 hour crash course and 1-2 day Bootcamps for beginners.
What they say about us

With Elle, I knew nothing at all about WordPress and he really helped give me the basics. That was in the first meeting. I am a good student, so I tried and reading WordPress for Dummies first, but each one seem to think I knew things I didn’t. So with Elle, he filled in those gaps so I was then able to connect all the dots, so to speak.

He is extremely helpful and knows a lot. In our second session, I had very specific areas I wanted more training with and we tackled that which was again very helpful. In terms of pricing, he was much cheaper than hiring a developer to do the site
and I came away with the knowledge needed to not only build the site, but also maintain and update it. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

Lucy Hawkins
Author Services, Inc.
Galaxy Press, LLC
Los Angeles, California 90028

Lucy Hawkins – Galaxy Press

I work for a bicycle non-profit in Los Angeles as the Program and Marketing Manager.
I had a full-day training session with Elle to learn about Word Press and increase traffic to our website. He was incredibly helpful, thorough and patient with me. He was able to answer all of my questions clearly and comprehensively.Elle has made himself available to our staff for any follow up questions or trouble shooting. It was a pleasure to work with him and I truly appreciate how he remains available for follow up issues.

Julia Lippe-Klein
Program and Marketing Manager

Julia Lippe-Klein

Thanks so much for all your hard work herding us cats! Everyone really learned a lot …and had a lot more fun than we ever expected. So thank you so much for an enjoyable class and learning experience. I’ll be in touch soon about that final third day.

And OMG — the baklava!! Wow! The best ever!
Thanks again! We look forward to working with you again! Have good travels!!

Apryl, University of Southern California

Apryl Lundsten – USC Advancement Office

Web Design Workshops for Beginners – Learn WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ecommerce, SEO, HTML, CSS

Web Design Basics for Beginners

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Welcome all students new to web design

I welcome all beginners and newbies to Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. You came to the right place. I teach technology in a language you understand. Web design is not that complicated once you learn the basic principles. Come and register soon.

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