Wordpress,HTML, CSS, Drupal & Joomla Workshops for Beginners - Learn from a pro http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com Learn to create a website in less than a day. Master Wordpress,Joomla,Drupal,Python, HTML5, & CSS3.We teach classes all over the USA Sun, 16 Nov 2014 21:40:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.0 San Francisco WordPress Bootcamp – Dec. 6-14 only http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/12/san-francisco-wordpress-bootcamp/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/12/san-francisco-wordpress-bootcamp/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2014 03:13:15 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=2702 This WordPress Training class walks students through the essential parts of WordPress. This Bay Area WordPress Bootcamp is streamlined to teach a specific aspect of WordPress, helping students to focus on just what they need in order to get the task accomplished.

Dates available : Dec.  6 – 14 , 2014. All classes are by appointment. Workshop Fee: $ 205 for the 5 hour class. $ 310 for a full-day workshop.

Take the class in the morning, afternoon, or evening. For beginners, you will learn faster with the 2 Mini-Bootcamp class ( 5 hours each ) taken a day or a few days aparts. Workshop fee for the 2 Session WP Bootcamp class is $ 410 payable via Paypal. This WordPress Training course walks students through the essential parts of WordPress.
Each lesson is streamlined to teach a specific aspect of WordPress, helping students to focus on just what they need in order to get the task accomplished. Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Plan and prepare your site for WordPress Install WordPress Write, tag, and publish a post Work with the text editor Style paragraphs and create lists Work with media files Link, align, and size an image Work with image galleries Add video and audio Name, schedule, and manage posts Make your site stand out Help others connect to your site Become search engine friendly Optimize your site Back up your site Install and activate plugins

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Blogging for Profit – Philadelphia WordPress Bootcamp http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/10/blogging-for-profit-seminar-using-wordpress-in-philadelphia/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/10/blogging-for-profit-seminar-using-wordpress-in-philadelphia/#comments Mon, 10 Nov 2014 00:38:08 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=3092 Dates Available : Nov. 19 – Dec.6, 2014 only
Locations : Center City, Fishtown, Philadelphia. Exact locations TBA/

Workshop Fees
: $ 210 for the 5 hour seminar.  $ 310 for the full day seminar
All classes are private and taught one-on-one

Since I’ve started blogging using WordPress CMS , I have had more than a few people ask me how they too can make money from  blogging. It’s easy to look at people who have risen to fame and prominence by building a high-profile, money-making blog and think “Hey, I can do that, too. PerezHilton has done it and so can you.If you play your cards right, you can start to pulling in an income from your blog. You can make anywhere from  $ 100 per month to a few thousand dollars depending on what your topic is all about.

These are the topics that I will cover in the 5 hour workshop : Blogging for profit

  • How to select the right domain for your blog.
  • How to register your domain and find a good hosting account to park your website.
  • Content strategy – Decide on what topics to write about and how to find your target audience
  • Using WordPress CMS ( Content Management System ) to create your website
  • WordPress Basics – Creating posts and pages. Selecting a template to match your blog’s personality.
  • Methods for creating streams of income from your blog : Adsense, Amazon Associates, other affiliate programs,
  • Private Sponsorships, E-books, Personal Appearance and Fees

Once your blog has an established readership, you can expand your income-generating opportunities further by offering
memberships to your website.People can pay a yearly or monthly amount to gain access to exclusive content on your blog, to participate in forums, or to receive a monthly newsletter from you.

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WordPress Crash Course for Beginners in New Orleans http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/08/wordpress-bootcamp-santa-barbara-and-ventura-california/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/08/wordpress-bootcamp-santa-barbara-and-ventura-california/#comments Sat, 08 Nov 2014 18:29:34 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=97 Learn the basics of building a blog or website in WordPress in a few hours. I teach my WP workshops in plain English, non-geeky talk so you can learn how to create websites on your own with the minimum of coding. This is a great workshop for people who are brand new to WordPress or to people who own an existing WordPress sites. Need to redesign your site to look better and load faster ? Then sign up for my upcoming WP bootcamp in New Orleans.

Workshop dates in San Diego : November 22- Dec. 6, 2014 only
Workshop Locations:   CC Community Coffee House, French Quarter
Merchant Cafe, Central Business District

I teach in WIfi Coffee Shops, home office, or confrence room

Cost of 2 Day Workshop : $ 550 . One Day Workshops are available for $ 300 per student.

WordPress Bootcamp – Part 1 ( 5 hours ) Including Lunch  break

1) Installing WordPress using C-Panel ( through your hosting account )
Creating sub-domains and subcategories using the Admin Panel
2) WordPress Navigation Basics – Creating Pages, Categories, & Posts
3) Using the menu system versus page system – Navigation tips & visual layout
4) The power of tags and why you need them
5) WordPress categories versus wordpress tags
6) The Power of Widgets – Modifying the look of your site using these amazing tools.
7) Selecting templates to create the feel and look for your website brand.
8) Installing images & graphics – Visual layout technique
9) WordPress Test – Create a blog from scratch in a hour. Use your favorite hobby as an
example.This test is for the newbie to WordPress. For the advance WP student, your
test will consist of creating a WP site from scratch

WordPress Bootcamp – Part 2 ( 5 hours ) Including Lunch break

1) WordPress Plugins – Make your site dynamic with the power of Plugins.
Plugins compatability with WP premium themes. Plugins compatability with latest WordPress software.
2) Using WordPress for Email campaigns .WP Campaign Monitor Plug-in
3) SEO Basics for WordPress – Using dates, slugs, and settings menu
4) HTML/CSS Basics – Manipulating the look of free & premium templates
with this powerful tool. Changing fonts, colors, logo sizes, widgets & sidebars sizes.
5) Do’s and don’ts of WordPress CMS. Updating plugins is a good example.
6) Dissecting a site with Firebug Tool. How to make yourself more productive with this Firefox add-on.


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Google Analytics & SEO Basics Workshop ( 5 Hour Crash Course ) – New York City http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/08/google-analytics-seo-basics-workshop-5-hour-crash-course-los-angeles/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/08/google-analytics-seo-basics-workshop-5-hour-crash-course-los-angeles/#comments Sat, 08 Nov 2014 17:52:15 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=3315 Now that you have created a website, the next step is to promote your new site. My Google Basics & SEO workshop is great for beginners who want to learn how to market on the internet using the most powerful tools used by developers.

Dates Available : Nov. 18 0 Dec. 4, 2014 only
Locations:Flat Iron District, Brooklyn Heights

Workshops fee: $ 225 for the 5 hour workshop. All classes are private and by appointment.

Here are the topics we are going to discuss in this 4 hour workshop:

1) SEO- What is SEO ? What is the role of Google Analytics in SEO )
2) Algorithms & organic SEO ( on page and off page )
3) Black hat and white hat techniques. Avoid gateway pages & keyword stuffing.
4) Writing for SEO. Think about your audience. Topics cover friendly URLs,
meta description, page titles,headings, page content, use of images.
5) Using social networks ( Facebook, Twitter ) in SEO.
6) DIY SEO – Using tools to optimize your site’s SEO : Google Webmaster Tools, Google’s Keyword Tool, SEO Moz Term Extractor, Web SEO, etc.

End result of attending this Google Seminar on SEO. You will be totally enlightened on how the SEO process works and you will be able to better learn how to optimize your site to get better Google ranking, exposure, and profits ( or more exposure ) for your business.

Don’t obsess over Google rankings. A lot of people come in to SEO thinking that the end goal
is to get rankings: but the end goal is to make money.

How to boost your Google rankings seminar.

Search can be classified as either organic (natural) or paid. Organic results are those that occur
naturally in search engine results pages ( SERPS ) and high results depend on the natural
construction of your site and the content within it. Paid result often referred to as pay per click or PPC, are the results owners pay for and which usually surrounds the organic listings. Research shows web user prefer organic listings. For example my webdesignworkshop-usa.com is less than a year
old and I get a lot of leads from my organic listing. I have never ever done PPC like most new
business owners.
The goal then of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is to improve your organic listings performance, which in turn should boost traffic to your site. You can then used Google Analytics to track this kind of traffic.

Here are the topics we are going to discuss in this 4 hour workshop:

1) SEO- What is SEO ? What is the role of Google Analytics in SEO )
2) Algorithms & organic SEO ( on page and off page )
3) Black hat and white hat techniques. Avoid gateway pages & keyword stuffing.
4) Writing for SEO. Think about your audience. Topics cover friendly URLs,
meta description, page titles,headings, page content, use of images.

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1- Day Drupal Bootcamp for Beginners – Los Angeles http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/01/drupal-basics-4-hour-workshop/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/11/01/drupal-basics-4-hour-workshop/#comments Sat, 01 Nov 2014 04:45:02 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=12 Drupal Basics for Beginners – 1 Day Bootcamp in Southern California. Drupal is a powerful CMS but has a steep learning curve. In my class I will demystify the developer’s framework called Drupal. Versus WordPress Drupal is more secure & has higher search ranking in Google.

Dates Available : Nov. 12-16, Dec.  2-14, 2014 only

Time: 8am-4 pm, 9 am – 5pm. Time is flexible.
Locations: Workshop locations to be announced. I normally train people in office conference rooms,
home office, or quiet Wifi coffee shops.
Workshop Fee: $ 300 per student ( normally $ 350 )

Build a working Drupal website in one day. Focus is on Drupal 7.
You must have a domain and hosting plan paid for before the class.

At this four hour workshop we’ll cover:

Basic Drupal structure, terminology and features
Choosing a Drupal distribution
Defining Drupal development team roles
Outlining a Drupal site development process
Finding and vetting Drupal developers
Finding local resources

For more Drupal Class info , visit this site

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LA WordPress Developers & Educators – I need your help to create a curriculum and teach WordPress & programming to homeless youths. http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/09/11/la-wordpress-developers-educators-i-need-your-help-to-create-a-curriculum-and-teach-wordpress-programming-for-a-teenage-shelter/ http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/09/11/la-wordpress-developers-educators-i-need-your-help-to-create-a-curriculum-and-teach-wordpress-programming-for-a-teenage-shelter/#comments Thu, 11 Sep 2014 09:42:51 +0000 http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/?p=3429 To my new friends at LA and San Francisco Wordcamp & Matt Mullenweg,

Hey guys ! How y’all doing ? I need your advice and help in setting up WordPress and coding training classes for Teenproject.com at their new facility in Sunland, California. I need to find guests and regular web instructors who can commit 12 hours per month or less depending on your availabilty. I have already met with Lauri Burns and we’re in the process of creating a new web curriculum for these homeless youth. I have to remind everyone that this is all volunteer work. I will add more details on this posts later. Hope you guys could all help me in this worthwhile venture.

Teen Project Ad by sarah Bates & Spencer Canon of DDB LA

Thank you. I found your information online. Two objectives.

1. For me to learn wordpress. It is taking me hours what should
be minutes since I am just hunting around.
2. We are hoping to create a ongoing workshops at our kids facility for a small class
of kids. Our class sizes will be limited to 5-7 youth. Classes will occur on rotating
schedule allowing a minimum of 30 youth to become proficient in web development and design.

I don’t know if you are familiar with HOMEBOYS INDUSTRY. They are x-gang members that now make and sell homeboys tortilla chips. It supports their large shelter and gives them all jobs. We will be similar to that with web design. The students will create websites for the community as reduced rate. Each site created will have a link back to the student’s bios. This will bring about awareness that we “the community” can change the lives of our most vulnerable youth by giving them the support they need to succeed. The money raised from the websites will go directly back to the organization to help
additional young ladies. The Teen Project will place each of the students in a job internship and eventually a full time job in their field.
The outcome:

· Provide 30 unduplicated young ladies a year that were homeless with life sustaining careers
· Provide 30 young ladies with training in web development and web design
· Provide 30 homeless young ladies with the skills they need to maintain a full time job
that pays enough to ensure they are never homeless again.

To provide young ladies that are currently homeless and have not completed high school and have no job skills with life sustaining careers in web development

Lauri L. Burns
Steve Harvey Show!


http://www.webdesignworkshops-usa.com/2014/09/11/la-wordpress-developers-educators-i-need-your-help-to-create-a-curriculum-and-teach-wordpress-programming-for-a-teenage-shelter/feed/ 0