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Welcome to my teaching websites for beginners new to web design,internet, and social networking. I teach my workshops all over the country and currently I am teaching my workshops in Northern & Southern California. In late May & most of June, I will be conducting my web design workshops on WordPress, Joomla, & Drupal on the East Coast. My first stop in Manhattam, then Philadelphia, Washington DC., Baltimore, and the state of Virginia.

About   the workshops and private classes: I teach people from all age groups and skill levels and most of my students are newbies to web design and programming. And I also have advance web and new media people who want to learn how to harness the power of WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. And there are those of you who want to build a website but can’t decide which CMS to use. My classes will help you decide on what CMS ( Content Management Systems ) to select depending on your business objectives. Also for those people who have hired a web designer to create a custom site for their business, I have special workshops that will teach you how to maintain your site and update content. I have many other web workshops that can help you learn to design a website from scratch.

About me: I have built many websites for many clients through my web design company Coolwebdesigns2go.co. Two years ago I started teaching these classes at the request of many clients who want to do the maintenance themselves. In my workshops I have a unique teaching method to help you demystify the complexities of web design and programming. I am a fun and patient teacher and I look forward to teaching you a useful technical and creative computer skill.

El-El Gamboa Jr.
New media instructor
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949 436-8154